Hall Costume Contest

Albacon will be hosting a Hall Costume Contest on Saturday September 9th 2023.

Show off your stuff all day and collect fan votes, and then come to the Costume Parade in Room “A” at 4:30 pm with Remote Member votes counted and prizes awarded.

Three categories for participants:

  1. Best Costume judged by Dr. Karen and Lisa Meris Hunt ($100 prize)
  2. Guest of Honor’s Choice by Walter Hunt ($50 prize)
  3. Fan Favorite chosen by vote of the Attending Membership ($25 prize)

Fan vote with a Hall Costume Ribbon that everybody gets at Registration. Throughout the day marvel and then vote by attaching your ribbon to the Badge of your favorite costume.

(Actually, let the Costumer attach your ribbon since they know the structural strengths or weaknesses of their costume. You don’t want to tear anything, especially if you really like it)

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